Writing lessons we can learn from Vincent Van Gogh

Writing, for some, for those who do a lot of it, may seem like a mechanical process. A formulaic procedure, a technical exercise. But for those who do it not as a profession, but a pleasurable pursuit, writing takes time, inspiration, and great thought. Writing, for those who truly love…

How to put apple cinnamon, acorn squash, and green beans to good use

As you can probably tell from the publish date of this article, I live in Canada — but it is never too early to start thinking about Thanksgiving. The heavy breath of apples and cinnamon, turkey cooking in the oven for hours, autumn leaves dancing outside the windows. …

Amy March has always been great: Little Women (2019) shows us why

When I first read Little Women two years ago, Amy March was the character I loved to hate. She seemed to be Jo’s antithesis: wanting to marry and marry well, as well as a menace to Jo’s aspirations and love interest. …

Books for up in the attic, a creepy castle, and under the harvest moon

“Something wicked this way comes” — Macbeth, William Shakespeare

As the leaves change colour, the nights get cozier, and the wolves howl louder, it’s time to revel in all spooky things. I’ve always been timid when it comes to scary movies — usually regretting my decision when the lights go…

The Apeiron Blog Newsletter

Philosophy in the news and our picks of the week.

Hey Fellow Philosophers!

Here are our team’s selected philosophy resources this week. I hope they provoke deep thought!

Philosophy in the News

“As a philosopher, I have nothing to add to the scientific evidence of global warming, but I can tell you how it’s possible to get ourselves to sincerely doubt things, despite abundant…

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